Barack Obama - You didn't build that!

Out of Context
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You didn't build that!


This speech prompted a great deal of noise in the political world (and this is one of the funnier versions of this particular meme). The phrase "You didn't build that" was spoken by President Barack Obama, but this statement is taken out of context to imply something which was not part of the original statement. The video below shows the words in a larger context and below are some of the main points explaining why this phrase needs to have the surrounding context to be appropriately applied:


"That" in the phrase "You didn't build that" does not refer to the small business. It is connected to the previous statement referring to American infrastructure (roads and bridges) as well as the overall American economic system (which enables businesses to thrive). The statement is saying "You didn't those roads and bridges" which are what allow so many American businsses to ship goods and provide services over long distances. 


The larger concept in the speech is "You didn't get there on your own" and President Obama isn't just referring to government action or assistance. He first begins by mentioning a "great teacher somewhere in your life." Many successful entreprenuers give credit to their mentors for helping them achieve all they have achieved.