Bernie Sanders - The Powerball is $1.3 Billion. There's 300 million...

Quote Text: 

The Powerball is $1.3 Billion. There's 300 million Americans. We could give every American $4.33 million and end poverty.


This isn't a quote from Bernie Sanders, the image doesn't even claim he said it. The author of this image is just trying to convince the viewer that Sanders said it by using his photo, a standard deception tactic. The text of this image is based on a meme created by people who are bad at math which was shared around on Facebook when the Powerball Lottery prize reached an all-time high. $1.3 Billion isn't $4.33 million when spread across 300 million Americans. It's $4.33. Four dollars and thirty-three cents, and Bernie Sanders didn't say it.